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Why The Horse Matters …

Horses seem to touch a special chord for people, for many different reasons.

Is it their beauty and expression? Is it because on a horse you can experience true freedom and true relationship?  Is it that such a big and powerful animal will allow us to truly work with them?  Or just their historical support for us, when a field needed ploughing or a distance to be covered by carriage or under saddle?

People each have a different story.  So this site is simply to honour the horse with access to the latest thinking on their care and management, from breeding and backing through to hacking & competition.  We are building a directory of local courses and trainers that can help you learn more and more.  It will become your favourite equine website – because horses matter to you.

Contact us if you know of lecture demos or other training events in your area.  They just need to be open to other people who want to learn more about horses….

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